The following officers are in office for 2017 - 2018. We are here to serve you,
so please feel free to contact us at the following email addresses.
President Michael Ahlstrom Tropic City

1st Vice President Eldon Farnsworth South Salt Lake City
2nd Vice President Brady George Salt Lake City
Secretary Gina Bell Salt Lake City
Treasurer Brent Marshall Grantsville City
Membership Steward Perry Skaug Grantsville City

Senior Trustee David Gillette Tooele City
Trustee Coty Chadburn St. George City
Trustee Eddie Hales Lehi City

Trustee Andy McBride Garland City

Trustee Austin Knight American Fork City
Chaplain Brandon Baugh Tropic City  
Sergeant-at-Arms Moyle Johnson Tropic City  
Historian-Photographer Trisha Thomas Salt Lake City  
2018 Convention Chair Lance Nay Richfield City
Law & Legislative Committee Chair Ryan Mellor Salt Lake City
Nat. Volunteer Fire Council R. Wendell Robison Fillmore City
Nat. Volunteer Fire Council Brent Marshall Grantsville City
Utah Fire Museum David Hammond Grantsville City
Utah Fire Prevention Board Mike Phillips Cedar City
Standards/Training Council Jason Winn Cache County
FF License Plate Committee Russ Cowley Richfield City
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